Live Edge & Rustic Shelves / Shelving Units


We proudly craft 3 main types of shelving. We make shelves from Live edge Slabs, Rustic Shelves, and complete shelving units.

We offer a variety of custom shelving options, including live edge, reclaimed wood, and barnwood shelves. Perfect for any room, our shelves combine functionality with rustic charm. Visit our showrooms in Goshen, NY; Rye, NY; and Upper Saddle River, NJ to see our shelving options and discuss your custom project.

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Each piece we create is carefully tailored to your individual tastes, telling a unique story in every corner of your home. Our meticulously selected wood offers warmth and authenticity, transforming your space into a personalized sanctuary. With our specialized artisans, we guarantee the quality and durability of each piece, ensuring that your home reflects your dreams and aspirations.